Car Names – What Should I Name It? (Top 50)

Whether it’s your first car or your thousandth or you have several, you want to give it the best car names possible. Something that matches its personality and leaves an impression on both you and your friends.

But with thousands of possible car names and even more factors to consider, how do you find the perfect name for your car? Don’t worry and keep reading our car naming guide, and by the end of it, you’ll have everything you need to come up with the perfect name for your car.

Because let’s face it, not everyone names their cars, but everyone should.

Things to Consider When Naming Your Car

Car Names

There are tons of factors to consider when naming your car. But which ones are important and which ones are just noise? Does it matter that your car has leather upholstery? Or should you tie the size of your vehicle into the name? What else do you need to consider? 

Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through it all and help you pick out a kick-ass name for your car. 

Your Car’s Appearance and Personality

One of the biggest things you need to consider when naming your car is its appearance. Is it a new car, or does it look like it’s had a few owners?

A name like “Squeaker” hardly works for a car right off the factory line. Take the time to get a feel for your vehicle’s personality before naming it. It might take a little longer, but your car’s name should come naturally, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re forcing something onto it that doesn’t fit. 

With that in mind, it’s alright to change your car’s name if it’s not working for you anymore. As your car ages, it’s personality can shift, and its name should reflect this.

You shouldn’t be changing your car’s name every week, but just because it’s had a reputation for a while, doesn’t mean that’s the name it’s stuck with forever. 

Car Color 

One of the most significant factors you need to consider is your car’s color. Just like you wouldn’t name a chocolate lab Snowball, you shouldn’t name your silver Corvette Big Red (you really shouldn’t name any car Big Red, but more on that later!)

Furthermore, if you’re thinking of repainting your car, you might want to avoid any names that refer to its color, unless you plan on changing its name down the road!

Keep your car’s color in mind when you’re naming it but get creative. If it’s the first thing you thought of, chances are it’s not even close to unique. Take your time and come up with something truly creative to blow your friend’s socks off! 

Your Personality

Just like your car has a bit of a personality, so do you. You don’t want to be scared to tell people your car’s name, and it should feel like a natural fit. 

Do you like stars? Why not name your car after one of Saturn’s many moons? A sports fanatic? Why not name your car Slugger?

Take the time to get to know your car’s personality, but don’t lose yourself in it. It would be best if you made your vehicle your own, not the other way around. 

What matters is that your car name fits both you and your car. Or else it’ll never seem like a good fit, and chances are you won’t end up using it! 

Make and Model

We’ve all heard of Rhonda the Honda. Don’t be that person. But you really shouldn’t name your VW Beetle “The Donald.” You need to keep your car’s make, model, and size in mind when naming it. 

But these things shouldn’t be the only driving factor. It’s all about finding a name that fits your car. That means taking all of its factors into consideration, and that includes its make and model.

Top 50 Car Names

There are tons of car names out there, but when you’re looking for a comprehensive list of car names that are unique and haven’t been overused, look no further! These names are in no particular order, and while they are great names for some cars, not every name is a perfect fit for every vehicle. 

Take your time and find one that fits both you and your car. 

  • Bagheera – big, fast, and powerful – perfect for any sports car.
  • Mamba – deceptively fast and dangerous
  • Casper – Always there when you need him – bonus points if your car is white. 
  • Grover – Faithful and loyal, just like your mutt.
  • Baloo – Big and cuddly – perfect for a truck. 
  • Pandora – You never know what you’re going to get when you fire her up. 
  • Thule – Mysterious and adventurous. Add a little sophistication to your car. 
  • Bellatrix – Let your inner nerd out – who doesn’t love the magical world of Harry Potter?
  • Onyx – The rock or the Pokémon, it doesn’t really matter. If you have a jet-black car, this name is superb. 
  • Black Pearl – Another outstanding choice for a black car. It’ll take you on adventures all over the world. 
  • Airbender – Is your car one of a kind? Part of a dying breed? It might just be the Last Airbender. 
  • Undertow – It’s where you’ll leave the competition, why not let them know it? 
  • Hercules – Half-god half-machine, where does the machine end, and your driving begin? 
  • Bombay – so what if you don’t drive the nicest car around? Own it. 
  • Persia – Perfect for the history buff. 
  • Emilio – When you need a sexy man to take you south of the border. 
  • Norsk – Big, beautiful, and sexy. It also might be a part god. 
  • The Donald – Big, obnoxious, and doesn’t like uninvited guests. 
  • Arnold – Big and strong. Perfect if you drive a Dodge Challenger.
  • Red Bull – Fast, twitchy, and doesn’t like red lights. 
  • Starsky – You have an older sports car? You have to name it Starsky. 
  • Komodo – Unique and mysterious, yet instantly recognizable. 
  • Diablo – Powerful and bit mysterious. 
  • Half Pint – Perfect for your Beetle, Smartcar, or Mini Cooper. 
  • Farmboy – When you got a truck – he belongs on the farm. 
  • Cowgirl – It’s time to take your dream girl out west. 
  • Cowboy – See above, but you know, with a boy. 
  • Squeaker – It doesn’t matter how much oil you add, the squeak just keeps coming back. 
  • Betty – Perfect for a hot red car. Betty Boop, anyone? 
  • Smurf – If you have a little blue car, what better name?
  • Cookie Monster – A big blue truck that can’t get enough fuel. 
  • Kermit – Green and a bit obnoxious. But we love him anyway. 
  • Tigger – Does your car need some new suspension? Tigger just can’t stop bouncing! 
  • Cosmo – Whether you need a drink or a trip to the stars, Cosmo can get you there. 
  • Ursula – Purple, a bit ugly, but still there’s something about her.
  • Drifter – You really need an explanation for this one? 
  • Eclipse – Like two stars passing in the night. 
  • Woodstock – The little bird or the festival? Never mind if it fits one; it’ll fit the other! 
  • Dory – Need your car to last just a bit longer? Just keep swimming! 
  • Foxy – Sleek, sexy, and taking you everywhere you ever wanted. 
  • Slugger – When you need a home run, slugger delivers. 
  • Penny – Having bad luck? See a penny, pick one up, the rest of the day you’ll have good luck!
  • Mad Max – A bit of a mashup – but it’s a torque monster. 
  • Rambo – You better watch out; nobody messes with Rambo. 
  • Rocky – Doesn’t win every fight, but it’s a force to be reckoned with because of its persistence.
  • Ruby – There’s just something about red that 
  • Ebony – Black, sexy, and a firecracker. Turns heads everywhere it goes. 
  • Raven – King of the night – dark and cunning. 
  • Eve – The first of its kind. Beautiful, even if a bit temperamental. 
  • Buddy – You spend more time with your car than anyone else. Of course, he’s your buddy!

Names to Avoid

Once a name has been used a few times, it’s just cliché to copy it. Avoid overused names like the plague. Some standard overused terms are:

  • Rhonda the Honda – when it comes to overused names, nothing tops this one. 
  • Big Red – You really couldn’t come up with anything better? It’s not creative – keep trying. 
  • Bumble Bee – You drive a yellow sports car, we get it. 
  • Herbie – A beetle named Herbie? Who’d have thunk it? 

It’s not all about overused names, though. You want to avoid drawn-out words. If it takes you a full breath to get it out, find something shorter. Just like you’re glad no one named you Isiah Ford the Second of Enchancia, nobody wants you to name your car that either. 

Also, avoid vulgar names for your car. You’re not creative or cool. Nobody wants to hear it. Nobody.

The Final Thought

Naming your car is more common than you think. If you’re thinking of naming your car, take your time and find the perfect name. It should fit your vehicle and come naturally. 

If you’ve given it some thought and don’t want to name your car? Don’t worry; it’s more fun for the rest of us!

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