Chevy z71: What is it And What’s Included in the Package

Are you a driver who loves an off-road experience? Be it for work or play; you should not ignore the off-road king.

The design of the Chevy z71 has adaptable features. Features that will give you a fantastic encounter while cruising any terrain.

The comfort you get in this truck is of a standard far beyond your usual vehicle.

Come with me and I’ll tell you about the Chevy z71.

What is Chevy z71?

It’s a pickup truck designed for off-road and all-terrain roads. Roads that deny you comfort while you’re driving.

It is one of the Silverado lineup trucks. The only difference is that it comes equipped with the z71, a package with extra features that turns it into an off-road machine.

So, what does the z71 package entail?

  • Underbody transfer case shield

Most off-roads are rocky, and the terrain is never smooth. This case shield protects the truck from the hits that occur under the body while driving.

As such, it ensures that the underbody of your truck has maximum protection. Minus this shied, those roadside hits would cause much damage to the under parts of your truck.

  • Hill descent control

Going downhill or uphill may be risky, especially if you are carrying a heavy load.

This feature enables the driver to control the truck while going down a steep hill. Therefore, while on rough terrain, using the braking system might not be necessary.

The feature also helps you maintain a steady speed while on a hill descent.

  • Rancho brand shocks


The shocks improve the performance of the truck. No matter the load you’re carrying or the terrain you’re driving on. This rancho shocks will ensure the truck is up for the challenge.

  • The automatic locking rear differential

The automatic locking rear differential

This feature enables the wheels of the truck to interlock and turn together. Regardless of the traction and the terrain of the road you are driving on.

  • Recovery hook

Because it’s an off-road truck, the recovery hook comes in handy. The hook helps when the car requires towing.

  • High capacity air cleaning system

It enables the interior of the car to stay clean when driving on a dusty road.

  • The Brushed metal sill plates

The Brushed metal sill plates

The plates give the truck a perfect finish. Similarly, the sill plates give the pickup a superior look.

  • Bright 18inch or 20-inch wheels, fitted with all-terrain tires

The wheels enables the truck to maneuver the rough terrain without losing grip and thus keeping the vehicle in balance.

  • It also comes with auto-track two-speed transfer cases. They enable one to shift from two wheels to four wheels.

This package also includes safety features fitted on the truck.

The safety features include collision alert signals and rear parking alerts. In addition, we have lane departure alerts, safety seat alerts, and many more.

This and much more entails the z71 package.

But here is the big question.

How do you know that your truck has the z71 package?

Well, you can end up buying a truck that has the z71 sticker, when in fact, it’s fake.

So the only way you can tell is by checking the glove box. Inside the glove box, look at the RPO codes, and you will find z71 written.

Knowing what the z71 package entails, let us now look at the z71 and compare with the regular 4*4 pickup.

What is the difference Between a Chevy z71 and a Regular 4×4?

There is a slight difference that exists between the z71 and the 4*4 truck.

On closer inspection, you will notice the following:

  • z71 truck comes fitted with firm shock absorbers. The shocks are fit for off-road and rough terrains. But, the regular 4*4 has smoother shocks.
  • The z71 comes with wheels that are between 18-20 inches. They are also fitted with thick tires while the regular 4*4 wheels come with 16 inches wheels.
  • z71 comes fitted with the underbody shield cover, while the regular 4*4 does not have that protection.
  • The z71 has the recovery hook, while the 4*4 does not have the recovery hook for towing.
  • The z71 comes with the brushed seal plates on the door, while the regular 4*4 does not have the seal plates.
  • z71 also comes with a skid plate. The regular 4*4 does not have the fitted skid plate.
  • The tire treads of  the z71  makes them more suited for off-roads.

One thing to note is that we have 4*4 trucks that are z71 and 4*4s that are not.

You can, in fact, have a two-wheel drive truck that is z71.

Z71 is a package attached to a truck; therefore, it is essential to note the above differences.

But wait a minute,

Is z71 Worth it?

Based on what the z71 package entails, the answer to this will largely depend on the individual.

Look at the improved shocks, the hill descent control, and many more features. They make this truck more adaptable to any work.

Take the shocks for example.

If you use the truck on normal regular roads, you’re not going to appreciate the difference that much. But, when used on off roads and rough terrain, you’ll thank your lucky stars.

The 18-inch wheels and the bulky tires are fitted to make the truck more adaptable on rough terrain.

For emphasis, the security features like the rear and front park assist, the collision alert and the safety seat alert makes this truck special.

To conclude; the above features and its performance on rough terrains, makes the z71 worth your money.

What is the difference between z71 and LT?

Both the z71 and the LT are off-road machines. Their design has almost the same specification and intention.

But the z71 stands out because of the 18inch wheel making it more adaptive for the off-road. Unlike the LT, it has 16inch alloy wheels.

A distinguishing feature between the two is the interior and exterior designs. Making the z71  more superior.

The z71 has an automatic interior mirror while the LT does not.

Moreover, the z71 boasts of more powerful shocks than the LT.

The LT has shocks that are monotube and poses a 2-inch suspension lift. But, the z71 has off-road suspension with Rancho shocks.

The z71 has a more powerful towing capability than the LT. The recovery hook fitted makes it possible for the z71 to tow. Unfortunately, this hook is missing on the LT.

What is the difference between zr2 and z71?

z71 vs zr2

The two have similarities when it comes to the design size and power of the engine. One can only see the difference from the outside.

The wheels also show the difference.

The z71 designed comes with the 17-inch dark metallic aluminum cast argent, while the zr2 comes with  17inch aluminum wheels.

Another difference is  the rear bumper. The rear bumper for the z71 adopts the body color, while that of zr2 is black.

The z71 comes with a rear parking assist. This feature is missing on the zr2.

The zr2 is more costly than the z71 truck.


When the manufacture decided to make the Chevy z71, the purpose was to withstand all road punishments. The machine was to withstand all terrains.

The comfort that one experiences while cruising the worst roads and terrain is fantastic. this is only possible when the truck comes fitted with the z71 package.

That truck is the Chevy z71.

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