Lost car keys: This is The 5 Steps Need To Do!

lost car keys what to do? Don`t worry, I am a clumsy guy and the process of lost keys is something I am very familiar with. Let me show you the steps you need to take if you have lost your car keys.

Lost car keys what to do? – These are the steps!

Step 1. Check the surrounding area

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Yes, this is an obvious point, but it has to be mentioned. If you recently lost your car keys and they are not locked in your car then your best bet would be to actually find the keys.

Try to remember where you last used them and try to track them down. I suppose you already have tried to do this, so I won’t go into much detail.

2. Check your insurance

If you have the keys in your car then there are two options to get in. You can either break in by destroying the window or you can call a locksmith, I would advise the last option.

But before you do either you have to call your insurance company to check if your insurance covers these types of issues. If they do they usually have a preferred locksmith of their own that you want to use, if not then you have to find a locksmith yourself.

If you lost your car keys close to your home you can claim it on your home insurance.

If your car keys were stolen you can use the car insurance, but the cost of stolen keys can add up to be more than what you get from your car insurance. Often you would have to change the car locks, keys and the renewal fee for your car insurance would most likely increase.

3. Gather necessary information about your car

Before we call the locksmith there are some essential data we need to write down before we make the call. The three things you want to know is:

The cars VIN number

The VIN number is 17 digits number that lets the locksmith know what car you are talking about, the VIN number is like the car’s fingerprint, each VIN number is unique.

You can find the VIN number on the dashboard on the driver side off the car.

Write down the year, model and the vehicle number

This is essential information as well, I assume you know what the vehicle number is, but if you dont its the numbers you can see on the white sign located on the front and the back of your car.

If you dont know the model or year number then it should be branded on the backside of your car, or at least the model. From there you can google it and find your car and just take the information from there (Has to be the same car).

4. Call the locksmith

If you have called the insurance and got no support or referrals from them, then there is only one thing to do, and that is to call the locksmith. If you live in a bigger city, you can search for “automotive locksmith” if not then your best bet would be to call the closest locksmith.

Let him know your situation and provide him with the information if needed. From there they will help you to make a new key and to access your car.

5. Ask for a spare key

If you have totally lost your car keys or someone stole your car keys then the locksmith has to make new once for you. You can call your local car dealership as well and ask for their rates and see if its a major difference in the pricing. I usually just do all of this with my locksmith because in my town the price is about half as much to do the job at the locksmith.

When is making a new car key for you ask if he could make a spare key for you. This way if you lose your car keys again you won’t be in the same situation as you are now.

If there is any additional information you need to provide the locksmith will let you know.


how to find lost car keys

Make a list of locations

If you have lost your car keys and dont remember where you could have put them then here are a few tips you can use to help your mind to remember.

What I usually do is to write down all the locations I have been since I had the car keys last, for example: Garage, Mothers house, Kitchen, Bathroom and living room.

Then you systematically go through the list and look closely in every possible space in that room. Even if you never bring your car keys in the bathroom you should still look there.

Try to visualize the last time you used the car keys

Close your eyes and take picture each move you did when the last time you used the car keys. This can really helpful and often this can help you to find your lost car keys.

Its very important to stay calm and to clear your mind before you attempt this exercise, you need to be able to concentrate for at least a few minutes to get your mind working.

Check where the keys should have been

Check drawers and other “smart” locations you usually put things. Often we organize our stuff and forget afterward where we actually stored the stuff. Make sure to check your pockets and clothes as well.

This is how to find lost car keys at home and it works if you do it properly.

How much to get a key made for your car?

The cost of having a new car key made differentiates between each car model and brand. You can expect to pay anywhere from 200$ to 500$ to have a new car key made for you.

If you have a old car and your car key was a regular household key you could expect to pay a lot lower. I would expect you would pay about 50$ for such a key.

Can a locksmith make a new key for my car?

Yes, A locksmith can make a new key for your car. To do this you need to provide the following information to the locksmith: The year, make, and model of your vehicle and the VIN number.

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