Car Won’t Start Because of an Alarm: Do these 5 steps (Fixed

Car Won’t Start Because of an Alarm

The primary role of an alarm in your car is to enhance security. It will protect your vehicle from vandalism and theft. The electrical circuit will disconnect in the event of suspicious activity. It may cut off the power supply in a manner that it will fail to start.

This innovative method is a sure way of keeping your car safe. The system can also get triggered without a clear threat. As a result, it can immobilize the engine. Suppose you are in the situation of the car won’t start because of alarm, what can you do?

Reasons that the Car Won’t Start Because of an Alarm

The failure of the alarm system may cause the engine not to start. In case it is not working correctly, then you have to shut it off. Your car will not resume its operations unless you fix the alarm complications.

The following are specific reasons why your alarm failed.

1. Low Battery Charge

low battery car

The alarm will beep should a stranger touch your car. The same alarm will still warn you if the battery charge is low. Whenever the battery is heading towards dying, switch on the engine. As a result, the alarm may go off as an indicator of a low battery level.

You can use the multi-meter to check the battery readings. Suppose the readings are less than 12.6V, you need a recharge.

2. Faulty Battery Terminals

Faulty Battery Terminals

When the battery terminals are faulty, it interferes with the flow of power. In the same vein, electrical components may get inadequate power. Such a case may prompt the alarm to interpret that the battery level is low.

Consequently, it will set off the alarm. It is essential to make sure that the terminals are clean. Before anything else, remove any electrical connections. You should wear protective clothing too.

3. Alarm incorrectly installed

Alarm incorrectly installed

For a recently installed alarm, it is reasonable to establish if correctly done. Specific symptoms are frequent on and off. If you have a multi-meter, determine if each wire is receiving power.

4. Faulty key fob

Faulty key fob

A key fob is also the remote car key. You can use it to unlock and lock the car doors. It can even start your engine when you push a button. Some of the controls on the key fob have a link with the alarm systems.

A malfunctioning key fob can trigger a false signal. The wrong signal may affect the car alarm too.

5. Sensitive Shock sensor

Sensitive Shock sensor

A sensitive shock sensor can trigger an alarm. It happens even if a cat or a dog touches the vehicle slightly. The continuous beeping of the alarm will automatically drain the battery. You can configure the shock sensor by twisting it.

6. Dirty Hood Latch sensor

Dirty Hood Latch sensor

A hood sensor can trigger the alarm as one forces to open the car’s hood. A dusty hood can cause the alarm to go off. If that happens, locate the sensor and clean it. By doing so, it will return to normal condition.

How to fix the problems

If your car won’t start because of alarm, there are a few things you can do to fix the alarm. They include:

1. Evaluate the Battery

Check the battery to determine if it is low or dead. If it is low, then you should perform a recharge. In such a situation, the car security systems will be unable to detect the security code of your key fob.

You should also evaluate the battery connections. If they are right, then you can jumpstart it. The procedure is likely to end your problem.

2. While inside the car

You can locate the ignition slot and insert the key. Slightly turn it to the right only. You can maintain the key to that position for at least 10 minutes or more. In the event, it may turn off the light and ignite the car.

Notably, in this state, the engine is off, but the car is on. There are other accessories like the radio and dashboard that are on. It is practical to bypass the alarm.

3. While Outside the car

Access the door on the driver’s side and insert the key for a while. The action is to try turn start it in the event of unlocking the door. Such makes the car to sense that you possess the original key. The design works when there is a dead battery or a damaged key fob.

The procedure is standard among various models like BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen. For Honda, the method may need some modifications.

4. Reset the Car Computer

It is an option of solving a car that won’t start because of the alarm problem. Begin by disconnecting the positive terminal of your battery. Let it rest for at least two minutes. Reconnect it. At this point, the cathode and anode terminals should get appropriately attached.

The procedure will reset the computer system. Eventually, the car may kick-off.

5. Check the Key

The key usually has a built-in chip. As you use it, it will send the code to the car’s alarm system when you insert it to ignite. In case of a damaged or broken key, the chip may not work. You may try another key if one fails to respond.

If nothing happens, you can consult an expert. You can also try to start the engine using the key. If the engine fails to respond, leave it in the position for at least 10 minutes. As the security light disappears, let the ignition go off. You can wait for 20 seconds then start the engine.


If your car won’t start because of an alarm, take appropriate action. You can start by checking the condition of your battery. If the battery is faulty, you can replace it for better operations. It is vital to observe the required remedies.

An alarm plays a critical role in the overall security of your vehicle. It is therefore advisable that you should keep in the right order. If you have a dead alarm, it means your security will get compromised.

As you implement the above procures, you may move out of despair. There will be more hope if you consult the dealer. The expert will fix the issue and let your vehicle operate optimally. Hurry up when you experience such a challenge. You will be on the safe side. Happy driving.

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