BMW vs Mercedes: This Is the Clear Winner for 2022

BMW vs Mercedes

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BMW and Mercedes are industry leaders in the manufacturing of luxury vehicles.

Both car manufacturers are reputable across the globe for their commitment to quality. They produce high-end vehicles that have very slight differences in their features.

As such, choosing between the two brands can be quite tasking. Below is an in-depth discussion of features that differentiate the two brands.

10 Significant Differences Between BMW vs Mercedes

For decades, BMW has won the title of an ultimate driving machine. Mercedes too boasts of its luxurious interior and comfort features.

Despite their position in the industry, they keep competing against each other. In light of this, BMW is adopting more comfort features such as electronic steering. Mercedes, too, is actively pursuing performance features.

Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) AG, manufactures the BMW brands.

Mercedes Benz is a product of Daimler AG. Both companies have their headquarters in Germany.

Their differences are:

Car/ Model Varieties

BMW vs Mercedes

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Luxury cars are often expensive than ordinary ones. Because of this, you need a variety to choose from to satisfy your unique preferences.

Fortunately, BMW and Mercedes manufacturers boast of a wide variety of cars in the market.

BMW manufactures opulent limousines, sports cars, hatchbacks, saloons, hybrids, and SUVs.

Their car models are 3-series, 5-series, and 7-series. Each of these models has a similar competitor in the Mercedes brand.

Besides these standard models, BMW has four other unique ones. They are BMW M line, I line, X, and Z4 series. There are no corresponding models to these from the Mercedes.

Mercedes, on the other hand, has an additional set of cars besides those similar to the BMW. They include; station wagons, trucks, pickups, buses, smart cars, and vans.

The Mercedes models are sedan C-Class, E-class, and E-Class Wagon. Also, the S-Class and the famous Mercedes-Maybach.

From the comparison, BMW has the upper hand over Mercedes in terms of car models. Mercedes is a better option than BMW if you are looking for car varieties.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

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BMW is more fuel-efficient than its Mercedes counterparts. The reason being, they are lightweight and have small engines.

Mercedes vehicles are heavyweight and come with big engines. As such, they consume a lot of fuel.


BMW vs Mercedes

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Both Mercedes and BMW are high-performance vehicles. They have high-end parts that last for years before they require replacement.

BMW has a variety of high-performing cars due to their small engines and lightweight. Their most excellent picks are M-class, 3-series, 4-series, and the X-5 SUVs.

If you want a big high-performer engine, the Mercedes CLS-class sedan is the best fit.

The mentioned cars have not only high performance, but also excellent reliability.


Car safety

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Safety is a paramount feature you need to consider when buying a luxury car. Both Mercedes and BMW have incredible safety features. They include; Air Bags, Lane Keep Assist, and Blind Spot Monitoring.

However, Mercedes Benz is the best in this category.

Benz uses PRE SAFE technology in all its luxury models. As such, they are among the few safest cars in the world.

The PRE SAFE systems apply automatic brakes when the car senses danger. It could be an accident that is just about to happen or other unforeseen emergencies.

Also, when darkness checks in, the car automatically turns on the Night View Assist. This feature prevents you from hitting unseen objects along the road as you drive at night.

As for the BMW, their design is a perfect safety feature on its own. Their body shell provides high protection to car occupants in case of an accident.

They also have side impact protection for extra protection.


Technology BMW VS Mercedes

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Bavarian Motor Works and Daimler use exceptional, innovative technologies in their vehicle models.

Presently, technology is a significant consideration for many car shoppers. It is for this reason that BMW and Mercedes have a higher market share than other luxury brands.

Mercedes is slightly competitive in terms of technology than BMW.

The use of the M-brace system makes Mercedes brands outstanding. This system provides connectivity, entertainment, and security features.

It also allows you to control the car’s significant systems from your PC or smartphone. With this, you can get any information you need about your vehicle in seconds.

BMW has an iDrive system through which you can control your vehicle functions. You can also use voice or gesture controls. The Head-Up Display in a BMW is also a plus to its technology.


Price Mercedes vs BMW

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The cost of Mercedes and BMW range between $40,000 and $150,000, depending on the model.

However, Mercedes appears to be more expensive than BMW. Perhaps it is because of its technological advancements.

Therefore, if you are working on a tight budget, you can consider the BMW luxury brand.

Insurance and Maintenance Costs

Miantenance BMW vs MB

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The cost of maintenance and insurance of luxury brands is higher than other car models.

The insurance premiums of BMWs tend to be higher than those of Mercedes. It is so because BMW spare parts are rare to find and are a bit expensive.

Always ensure that your luxury car gets proper maintenance and regular servicing. Doing so prolongs the life of your engine and parts and enhances the car’s reliability. As such, it can serve you for a decade without changing spare parts.

Nonetheless, BMW tends to depreciate at a higher rate than Mercedes. As a result, its maintenance costs and servicing are higher.

User’s Experience while Driving


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BMWs are far much lighter than Mercedes Benz. It is so because of their small engines. As such, they take corners with much ease, thus giving the user an ultimate driving experience.

Also, BMWs have excellent manual shifters. This feature makes them perfect for sporting competitions.

The big engines in Mercedes Benz make them bulky, unpredictable, and aggressive.

Target Audience

BMW vs Mercedes Audeince

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From the physical styling, BMW is more appealing to young individuals. On the contrary, Mercedes Benz appeals more to older drivers.

There is an ongoing rivalry between the two brands in the quest to expand their target audience.

Mercedes Benz, for instance, released its A-Class model to the market in 2013. This version is more appealing to young drivers, unlike the previous models.

Interior Design

Mercedes vs BMW Interior

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There is a big difference in the interiors of the two giant brands. For Mercedes Benz, the inside is incredibly luxurious and comfy.

It has elegant leather seats with chrome and wood finishing. Everything inside, including accessories, have a modern touch.

For BMW, it is more inclined towards the driver’s ergonomics. A good example is the 3-series, everything on the center console leans towards the driver. This feature makes it easy for him to operate the systems while driving.

This fact is also changing, as each brand tries to incorporate competitive designs. The BMW 7-series, for example, has a luxurious interior.


BMW and Mercedes are excellent luxury models in the car industry. They both come in various models and specifications. As such, deciding which one to go for is challenging, especially for new users.

If you want commercial vehicles, Mercedes Benz is a sure deal. They produce luxurious station wagons, vans, buses, trucks, and pickups. Mercedes Benz is also excellent in safety, luxurious interior, and technological features.

If your concern is model varieties, and fuel efficiency, BMW fits the bill. It also affordable, has top-notch performance, and excellent driving experience.

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