KN car brand confusion – resolved

KN car brand

Starting in 2021 people were seeing a new car brand on the streets, but searching for this new KN car came up with no results. In 2022 even more cars were found all over the world and still now in 2023 I get the question: What is the KN car brand?

In reality this mysterious brand is nothing more than that KIA changed their logo for their cars going on export from Korea. Although I love the new logo introduced in 2021, I also agree that it can look like KN instead of KIA.

KIA logo changes

KIA used the same logo since 1994, except a minor modernization update in 2012 that is hard to spot. This means that we have grown used to this logo for close to 30 years.
No wonder that people get confused as the new one doesn’t seperate the I from the A anylonger – and with the font used it’s certenly looks like the letter N.

In the image below you can get the full history of all changes to the logo KIA has done since 1944, with one being even harder to read than the current.

A quick sidenote here, as I meantioned in the beginning, this only applies to cars exported outside Korea. The domestic logo looks quite different.

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