Costco Wheel Alignment and What Does It Cost? (Answer)


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Wheel alignment is an essential service for your vehicle. It enhances your safety and makes you more comfortable on the road. Also, it is a critical automotive maintenance component. It impacts the performance and longevity of your tires as well.

Costco is a significant store for many individuals. Seemingly, it has everything that you would want. For instance, they do appliances, computers, food, pharmacies, and automotive services.

Does Costco do wheel alignment? 

Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t offer wheel alignment services. An expensive machine required is one of the reasons. Also, it requires a trained technician. Such technicians need higher salaries. Also, the provision of this service would reduce revenues gained.

Where else should customers go? 

Proper wheel alignment is vital for your vehicle. It reduces vibrations and enables your car to maintain a straight trajectory. So, it prevents your vehicle from pulling to either side of the road. As a result, it improves your road safety.

However, there are various wheel alignment service providers. So, you should look for reliable and affordable dealers. This review discloses two places where you can get your car wheels aligned.

Firestone Complete Auto Care


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Wheel alignment is essential. It helps you improve tire life, fuel economy, and vehicle performance. So, this company advises you to check your wheel alignment every six months. Also, you can do it after 6,000 miles instead.

The company can handle over 9,000 wheel alignments in a day. Also, they use computerized technology for excellent services. So, they give you precise and accurate trust angle, toe, caster, and camber measurements.

For further wheel alignment services, the company offers two options.

The first option is the standard wheel alignment service. In this option, the technician inspects and makes adjustments. For instance, they adjust camber, toe angles and caster when applicable.

They inspect the suspension system, front and rear steering, and tire air pressure. Also, the mechanics check tire wear and tire condition of your vehicle. They print out the wheel alignment specifications before and after.

Then, the technician aligns and takes the vehicle for a road test.

The second option offered is a lifetime wheel alignment service. In this option, you enjoy free alignment services for six months. But, you can have the wheel alignment service done after 6000-miles instead.



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NTB is another wheel alignment service provider. They offer you a free wheel alignment check. This check enables you to identify if your vehicles require this service.

Also, the company offers 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year wheel alignment programs. As a result, these programs make it easy for you to maintain your vehicle. Besides, they enable you to save more money. Their computerized testing ensures your tires are correctly aligned.

One year program allows you to take your vehicle for alignments after every six months. Also, you can make it any other time if necessary. A free tire rotation after 6-000 miles/6 months is another benefit you enjoy in this program.

Besides, this program gives you a free tire pressure check and tire inspection at any time. You get to enjoy free alignment maintenance inspection as well.

A three-year program comes with more advantages. It has one year of benefits at a meager per annum priced. Also, you can transfer this program to another vehicle in your household. But, this transfer should only happen once.

NTB has a five-year premier as well. It comes with a great value which includes all one-year program advantages. Also, you get to enjoy these benefits at the lowest per annum cost. Also, you can transfer it to another vehicle in your household. But, this can only happen for one time.

There are various benefits of having a proper wheel alignment services. Fuel efficiency is one of them. If you have misaligned wheels, the gas mileage might decrease by up to 10%. Misaligned tires drag instead of rolling, thus making your vehicle consumes more fuel.

Besides, unaligned tires make your vehicle to pull to the right or left. As a result, your ride might be bumpy, jarring, or vibration-filled. Perfect wheel alignment gives you a smooth ride and makes you enjoy your driving.



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Although the four-wheel alignment service is more expensive, it is more recommended. The price difference between the two types is small. The front wheel alignment gets only the two front wheels fixed.

The type of vehicle can also affect the wheel alignment cost. Some companies charge more for truck alignment services. The difference is due to the larger size of the truck and more work involved.

Also, wheel alignment cost varies with different companies. For instance, Firestone charges $80 for the standard wheel alignment service. It comes with a one year warranty and covers for a maximum of 12,000 miles.

The lifetime wheel alignment service is $170. However, it has an unlimited warranty. So, you will enjoy free ailments as long as you have a car.

At NTB, the one-time program goes for $90. Also, it doesn’t come with a warranty of maximum miles. The one year program has a guarantee of six months. It doesn’t have maximum miles and has an average price of $125.

The three-year warranty has an unlimited warranty and no maximum miles. But, there are different prices for trucks. $105 is truck charges for a one-time session with no warranty or maximum miles.

The one year program comes with six months warranty or 6000 maximum miles. However, a three-year plan for trucks goes for $235. Also, it comes with an unlimited warranty or maximum miles.

Customer feedback


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Most customers from Firestone Complete Auto Care are happy with the services provided. Also, the quality and the pricing were pleasing as well.

Similarly, customers at NTB were happy as well. Excellent online services delighted most of the customers. Besides, the services offered were perfect, and the pricing as well.

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