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Best Chrome Spray Paint

Best Chrome Spray Paint for 2020

This is the most comprehensive chrome spray paint review you’ll find. No matter what you’re trying to add a chrome finish to, we’ve reviewed a product that will work for you. 

Nothing sets the look of something apart quite like chrome. Whether you’re looking for a shiny appearance or that mirrored look that takes it to the next level, it’s hard to beat a chrome finish. Therefore, we decided to write an article on the best chrome spray paint in 2020.

If you’ve ever wondered how things get that chrome appearance – the answer might surprise you. It’s from an aftermarket finish – like spray paint. You can buy these products for cheap, and if you buy the right product, you can add a chrome finish to just about anything.

1. Krylon K01010A07

Krylon makes a ton of spray paint products, so it’s not surprising that they have high-quality chrome spray paint that you can use.

While this model is ideal for vinyl and plastic surfaces, it also works on wood, metal, and just about any other surface. Even better, while this spray paint is dry to the touch in just 10-minutes, its full curing time is a lightning-fast 2-hours.

It’s an affordably priced option, and if you’re looking for other colors, Krylon has a ton of options available. The only real drawback to this Krylon model is that it takes multiple coats to cover most products. Always wait for the first coat to cure completely before applying the next coat.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lackluster final product and have to start over from scratch.

Product Features

  • For vinyl and plastic surfaces
  • Cure time – 2 hours
  • Size – 8 fluid ounces


  • Fast cure times
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces
  • Affordably priced
  • Multiple color options besides chrome


  • Takes multiple coats on most products

2. Krylon KSCS032

Despite calling itself a “Short Cuts” product with “fast-drying enamel,” it takes longer to dry than their regular premium metallic spray paint that we reviewed above.

It’s still a quick 3-hour cure time – but the significant difference is that while they recommend using their premium metallic spray paint on vinyl and plastic surfaces, their quick-dry enamel “Short Cuts” product is best suited for metal and wicker surfaces.

However, while the price tag is similar, the amount you get is significantly different. The Krylon Short Cut only comes in a 3-ounce package – making it one of the more expensive options per ounce that we reviewed. However, if you’re looking for a product that’s formulated precisely for metal products and has a fast-acting cure time – it’s well worth the added price per ounce.

Additionally, the final shine is a bit dull from what you would expect with a chrome finishing product. As long as you know this is what you’re getting, this isn’t a problem. But if you’re hoping that signature chrome shine, you’ll likely be disappointed.

Product Features

  • For metal and wicker surfaces
  • Cure time – 3 hours
  • Size – 3 fluid ounces


  • Decently fast cure time
  • Small packaging lets you fit it into smaller spaces


  • Small bottle size
  • More expensive option
  • Duller shine than most chrome products

3. Rust-Oleum 7718830

Rust-Oleum 7718830
$6.98 ($0.63 / Ounce)

This is a good chrome spray paint for products that will stay inside.

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01/31/2024 02:51 pm GMT

Krylon isn’t the only brand that makes spectacular chrome spray paint. Another great and extremely affordable option is Rust-Oleum. The 11-ounce packaging gives you well more than you need for most projects. It’s ideal for a wide range of surfaces but works particularly well on metal, wood, and concrete surfaces.

However, it doesn’t sell products and won’t last if you use it on an outdoor product. As such, you should only use this chrome spray paint on products that will stay inside. Additionally, unlike the Krylon products with relatively short curing times, Rust-Oleum products take 24-hours to cure fully. However, they are dry to the touch after just 15-minutes.

While it takes longer to cure, it typically doesn’t require multiple coats. This means you can set it up after just 15-minutes, and the next day it will have a perfect finished appearance! It’s hard to beat that level of convenience.

Still, one of the biggest things you should consider when selecting a chrome spray paint is the quality of the final product. Rust-Oleum chrome spray paint doesn’t disappoint. It provides an in-depth, lustrous, shiny finish that you’ll love.

Product Features

  • For metal, wood, and concrete surfaces
  • Cure time – 24 hours
  • Size – 11 fluid ounces


  • Lustrous and shiny finish
  • Works great on many surface types
  • Extremely affordable


  • Should only be used on interior products
  • Long curing time

4. VHT SP525

$16.68 ($1.52 / Ounce)

If you take the time to apply VHT SP525 properly, you'll be surprised.

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01/31/2024 02:22 pm GMT

Another great option to use for chrome finish is a VHT quick coat premium enamel product. They work great for both metal and wood surfaces, but you can apply them to other surfaces and still achieve quality results.

It does have a relatively long cure time at 12-hours, and this becomes even more of an issue since you’ll typically need multiple coats to achieve the high-quality metallic shine that chrome provides. Still, if you take the time to apply it properly, you’ll get a rich, deep, and slick chrome appearance.

Even better, it’s sealed and is an outstanding choice for outdoor products. No matter what you’re looking to apply the VHT chrome spray paint to, you can rest assured that you’ll get a final product that will last no matter what you expose it to.

It’s not a perfect product, but it’s a great price and has a tremendous final appearance that will last year after year. If you’re looking for a versatile product that you can use in just about any application, then this is just the product you’ve been looking for.

Product Features

  • For metal and wood surfaces
  • Cure time – 12 hours
  • Size – 11 fluid ounces


  • Affordable product
  • Works on many applications
  • Rich final appearance
  • Weather-resistant – great for outdoor products!


  • Long cure time
  • Needs multiple coats

5. Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome

Ultimate Mirror Chrome

Ultimate Mirror Chrome is ideal for surfaces that will stay indoors.

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01/31/2024 03:06 pm GMT

Sometimes you want a shiny chrome appearance; other times, you want a shiny chrome appearance that mirrors everything around it. When you want that mirrored appearance, a product like Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome is precisely what you’ve been looking for.

While it’s expensive per ounce considering its tiny 3.5-ounce size, it provides a distinctive final appearance. You should only apply it to surfaces that will stay indoors and have a relatively long 24-hour cure time.

That’s because it doesn’t offer a seal, and if you expose the Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome to outdoor conditions, it will quickly start to fade and peel. You’ll find yourself needing to apply a new coat in no time at all – you’re better off looking elsewhere for outdoor products.

However, it usually doesn’t require multiple coats (although this isn’t unheard of). While the mirrored appearance isn’t an authentic chrome finish, if that’s the look you’re going for, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better product than Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome.

Product Features

  • For indoor surfaces
  • Cure time – 24 hours
  • Size – 3.5 ounces


  • Great for small projects
  • Provides mirrored appearance


  • Expensive option
  • Only suitable for indoor products
  • Small size

6. Martha Stewart Crafts

Martha Stewart Crafts
$18.65 ($9.32 / Fl Oz)

You can easily use this spray on fabric and glass surfaces.

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07/21/2024 08:34 am GMT

This is by far the most expensive product per ounce that we reviewed. However, it’s also the only product that you can use on fabric and glass surfaces. That’s because unlike the other chrome spray paint products that we reviewed, the Martha Stewart Crafts product is a traditional paint.

It’s not spray paint, but this opens up an additional avenue of options. You can use it on metal, fabric, wood, glass, and so many other surfaces. It also comes with a glitter finish, which can be perfect for different craft projects.

However, because it’s a regular paint instead of spray paint, it’s not an authentic chrome product. It would be best if you didn’t use it for any automotive purposes, and it has an extremely long curing time. While it might be dry to the touch after just a few hours – it can take up to 22-days to fully cure, depending on what you’re applying it to.

It’s not the most versatile product, but it does open up avenues for us that you can’t get from other chrome spray paint products.

Product Features

  • For use on metal, fabric, wood, and glass surfaces
  • Cure time – up to 22 days
  • Size – 2 fluid ounces


  • Glitter options
  • Work on fabric products


  • Most expensive option
  • Extremely long curing time
  • Not an authentic chrome product

Buyer’s Guide


When you’re looking for that luxurious chrome finish, you don’t want to waste your time and money with products that don’t work. That’s why we took the time not only to review a wide range of chrome spray paints but also developed a comprehensive buyer’s guide to walk you through everything you need to know.

What Are You Applying It To?

This is the first and most significant factor you need to consider when selecting a chrome finishing product. While many paints will work on a wide array of applications, you want a product that’s ideal for the product you plan to apply it to.

While it might be a bit of a headache to have several different chrome spray paints, the final result will be well worth the minor inconvenience and frustration.

How Shiny Do You Want It?

While chrome is known for its signature shiny appearance, not every chrome finish product produces the same super-shiny appearance. If you’re looking for something with a little less shine, a product like Krylon “Short Cuts” Chrome finish might be precisely what you’ve been looking for.

How Much Do You Need?

While you are spending more per ounce for some of the higher-end products, you’ll still be spending less money overall if you only need a little bit. Take a look at your project and decide how much chrome finish you’re likely to need.

If it’s a small product, you’re better off buying the smaller sized product – even if it does cost a little more per ounce.

Indoors or Outdoors?

You can’t use every chrome finishing product for outdoor applications. The most notable difference between indoor and outdoor finishers is that outdoor finishers seal the final product and provide a chrome-colored finish.

Meanwhile, indoor chrome finishers won’t seal the product. Not only will this potentially cause the product itself to rust or wear down in the elements, but the chrome finish won’t last either. If you’re planning on applying the finish to a product exposed to the elements, spend the extra money to get an outdoor chrome finishing product.

The Price Factor

If you’re applying a chrome finish to an extremely large product, you’ll need to consider the chrome finish price per ounce. While every product we reviewed had a similar price, the amount of paint you get for that price varies drastically.

Because of this, if you’re looking to apply a chrome finish to a ton of products or one very large product, you need to consider the per ounce price of your chrome finish.

Steps to Apply Chrome Spray Paint

Applying chrome spray paint might seem like a relatively straightforward process. And while every product comes with application instructions, they’re all pretty much the same.

You’ll want to apply one light coat at a time and wait for it to cure before applying the second coat fully. If you rush the process and apply subsequent coats before the first one fully dries, you’ll end up with a product that lacks the chrome shine that you’re likely looking for.

Once all of the needed coats are applied, you should quickly sand it with low-grit sandpaper to get a smooth finish across the entire product. You need to be careful not to over-sand it – if you do, you’ll need to start the whole process over.

Time Constraints

If you’re trying to get a job out on a deadline, the amount of time it takes for your chrome finish to cure and the number of coats you need to apply becomes a significant consideration. Since many chrome finishing products require multiple coats, the amount of time it takes each coat to dry is magnified.

That’s why the insanely quick Krylon curing times are such a great advantage. You can start applying your second coat in only a matter of hours and finish your project in a day instead of it taking 3 to 4 days.

Final Considerations

While picking a chrome finishing product might seem easy, there are tons of factors that you need to take into consideration. Not all chrome finishing products are created equal, and what might be perfect for one project might be a nightmare for another.

That’s why you must take your time and research exactly what you need to complete your project correctly.

After reading our reviews and buyer’s guide, you should have a better understanding of precisely what you need to set your project apart. It might take a little more work and a bit more time, but it’s better to do the job right the first time than needing to repeat it a few months or years down the road.

The Final Verdict

Picking the perfect chrome finishing product depends on a wide range of factors. What might be perfect for you might be a disaster for someone else. That’s why we took the time to review a wide array of products – that way, no matter what you need, you’ll have the option to pick the perfect product.

Whether you’re looking for the iconic mirrored look or something a little more subdued, there’s a product ideally suited for your needs – and we took the time to review it. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the perfect chrome finishing product and get spraying!

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