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Winterized RVs

Summer usually feels like it’s over in a heartbeat. Before you know it, you are stuck with short chilly days and long cold nights – not ideal for camping. But wait! What if you could still go camping in the luxury of a winterized RV? These RVs allow you to camp comfortably in gale-force winds and freezing rain. The only place you will miss the tropical heat is when you step out of your camper.

Several RV models are built and designed to withstand extreme weather. These vehicles can easily brave icy winds, below-freezing temperatures, and heavy snowing. It doesn’t matter whether you want to enjoy a unique winter outdoors experience or live in a place that sees bitter cold temperatures year-round.

Winterized RVs can help you get the most of your camping experience by keeping you warm, toasty, and nice. These campers come with an insulated wall and general structure. There is usually additional space for storing food and winter clothes. You never have to worry about getting snowed in again. Make sure you pay special attention to the window size and venting and heating systems while purchasing a cold-climate camper.

You need something that is perfect for your purposes. These are ten of the best winter-season RVs to make your camping experience comfortable and memorable.

TOP-8 Winterized RVs

1. Keystone Montana

Winterized RVs

The luxurious fifth-wheel trailer Montana has been around for over two decades now. But, it is still one of the largest revenue generators for Keystone. The RV manufacturer is known for introducing updated versions of their RV units for all seasons.

The Montana was tested by a Keystone technician who lived out of the trailer for over a year in the widely changing climate of LaGrange, Indiana. Outside temperatures in LaGrange are known to often drop below 0. But, the experiment turned out to be a resounding success, with the Montana easily matching up to the bitter cold.

These are a few cold-beating features in the Montana:

  • Dual thermostat with alternate A/C and a remote sensor
  • Heated exterior convenience center
  • Water lines in floors
  • 35,000 BTU auto-ignition furnace
  • Heat duct system with foam core
  • Fiberglass sidewalls with a double insulated layer (Equivalent to R-11)
  • Insulated main floor (Equivalent to R-21)
  • Electric fireplace embedded
  • 15k BTU free-flow air conditioning
  • Electric tank heaters
  • Heated low point drains for city water
  • Insulated holding tanks and dump valves
  • Heated, enclosed, and insulated underbelly
  • Radiant technology insulated roof (Equivalent to R-38)
  • Insulated slide-out floors (Equivalent to R-15)

There are not many RVs out there to match up to the Keystone Montana’s luxury and insulating features. You can remain warm inside even when it is icy cold outside. The best part is that the RV is made for all-season use. But, convenience comes at a heavy price. The RV may be out of budget for beginner enthusiasts.

2. Windjammer 3008W Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are usually a better and cheaper alternative to full-blown campers. They are perfect for beginners looking to get a taste of the camper lifestyle. The Windjammer is an excellent option for group and family travel. It can easily accommodate five beds allowing you to travel and camp in style.

The trailer has an 897-pound hitch load and is not exactly small. It does an admirable job of keeping the cold out and allowing creature comforts and warmth to remain on the inside. The size of the Windjammer is truly impressive. It can hold a 75-gallon gray water tank, 45-gallon black water tank, and a 45-gallon freshwater tank.

The trailer does a fantastic job of providing every imaginable comfort you could ever dream of. It has a linen closet, wardrobe, microwave, magnificent kitchen space, awning to keep the snow and sun off, and a gas cooker hook-up. The master suite, in addition, features a clever fold-away table as well as a large double bed.

These features make the trailer an excellent choice for winter excursions:

  • Upgraded windows
  • Heated tanks that can be electronically controlled and monitored
  • Upgraded fireplace
  • Inbuilt whole trailer insulation
  • Electronically heated master bedroom mattress
  • Heated floor ducts

There are a ton of traits in the trailer, making it particularly suited to winter weather. It may not be much to look at, but the Windjammer more than makes up for it in utilitarian functionality. You are sure to appreciate the trailer if you like to camp in the cold winter months. It will soon become a favorite of the whole family.

The only problem is that the trailer is too heavy to haul around. It is heavier than the average camp trailer. You may need some getting used to with the RVs weight and size, especially if you don’t have much experience hauling a trailer.

3. Jayco Redhawk 26XD

Jayco Redhawk 26XD is a beautiful RV which guarantees a nice, snug, and comfortable environment. You can get better warmth and comfort if you purchase the 2017 – 2018 models. There are five floorplans on offer, which means there is something for everyone. You will find precisely what you are looking for with Jayco.

There is a robust Ford chassis on all models with a great refrigerator, ample linen closets, massive queen-sized bed, and an awning. The best part is that every Jayco Redhawk is proportioned generously. In addition to the features mentioned above, you can also include the following:

  • Fully Equipped Bathroom With Sink, Shower, And Toilet
  • More Closet Space
  • Queen-Sized Bed
  • Large Sofa
  • Array Of Storage, Kitchen Appliances, And Work Surfaces
  • 32-Inch Television

Space and equipment are obviously impressive. The trailer fares well in cold weather, too, with its powerful auto-igniting furnace, massive fuel tank, and the capacity to hold a large water heater. These features with other amenities will ensure you stay warm and comfortable, no matter what is happening on outdoors.

You can take your feline and furry friends on your outdoor excursions, too, in the Jayco Redhawk. In fact, if you want, you can invite your neighbors to join you. There will be no problem accommodating since the Redhawk can comfortably fit eight people.

The trailer is built massively and feels like a large holiday home on wheels. It stays warm inside and is easy to maintain. You can expect to remain comfortable inside even if the temperature plummets outside. But, the features don’t come cheap. You may need to shell up to $100,000 to get all the popular luxury features.

4. Arctic Wolf by Forest River

Forest River is known for making the best winterized RVs. The Arctic Wolf comes in 6 floorplans. You can find something that meets your needs and purposes exactly. The large model has a total weight of 10,000lb and a hitch weight of 1,452lb. The maximum height is 11 ft. and width is 35 ft.

The Arctic Wolf is sold as an all-seasons RV camper. It ticks all the boxes you could imagine as an RV aficionado. This is especially true with the six different floorplan options. This is currently Forest River’s largest RV model. It has two different RV packages on offer. You can either choose the Extreme Weather Package or the Arctic Package.

Both are meant for the cold weather but have some subtle differences. The Arctic package is the more basic of the two. The Extreme Weather Package comes with upgraded insulation and better heating features. This is what is offered in the two winter packages.

Extreme Winter Weather Package:

  • Heavy-duty arctic insulation
  • Features a racetrack ducted AC unit
  • A high functioning ceiling fan
  • Furnace functions at a BTU level of 35,000
  • Air conditioning (ducted)
  • Underbelly is heated and enclosed
  • Insulation is upgraded as compared to the arctic package
  • Upper decking is insulated
  • Sidewalls of the RV have enhanced fiberglass

Arctic Package:

  • Windows for the upper bunk
  • Outside TV bracket capabilities
  • Entry doors with friction hinges
  • Dinette drawers can be pulled out
  • Solar wiring
  • Outside shower
  • Kitchen faucet can be pulled out
  • Home entertainment system
  • Top-level bunk windows

You should blindly choose the Extreme Weather Package if you are thinking of camping in areas that frequently witness temperatures dropping below 5 degrees. You will be completely insulated and comfortable inside regardless of how icy it gets on the outside. Drivers who are new to travel trailers may find the Arctic Wolf challenging to drive initially. This is because the all-season RV is heavier than the average camper.

You may have trouble making tricky maneuvers, parking, and turning. But, Forest River has been building campers for a long time and knows their job well. You won’t have any trouble with warranty and customer service with this trailer. You don’t want the customer service to be difficult when you are having trouble in bad weather with your family inside.

This is a worthwhile investment for people who like to camp during winters. It has an incredibly inclusive artic and expansive feature. The trailer can let you rest easy inside, regardless of how cold it gets.

5. Season Travel Trailer By Lance

The 4 Season Travel Trailer by Lance is known for faring well in cold and warm weather conditions. You can use this trailer, whether you are camping in the winter or summer. The Lance trailer is an excellent option if you are considering wintertime journeys and road trips. It does not disappoint on the driving, comfort, or features.

The RV has some excellent winter features, such as Azdel insulation. There is no wood insulation in this trailer from RV. Instead, you get better heating with thermoplastic composite, which prevents mold, rot, and mildew. Generally, wintry and wet conditions ruin wood insulation, leaving you with thousands in repairs.

Azdel insulation also covers soundproofing so you can get as loud as you want. In addition, you won’t be disturbed by the sounds of nature and the weather when you are trying to get a peaceful night’s sleep. There are insulated hatch covers, which can be easily clipped off or on. You can remove them or place them depending on the outside temperature.

The covers go a long way in preventing the cold from getting inside the RV when the weather takes a turn for the worse. You and your friends or family can stay warm, cozy, and comfy inside. The hatch covers in the 4 Season Travel Trailer are insulated. This ensures that you stay warm even on the coldest winter nights. The primary function of the hatch covers is to prevent cold air from seeping inside the RV.

The RV comes with insulated double pane tinted windows. The panes are again soundproof to offer a quiet night’s rest. It lets you camp with multiple people without worrying about getting into each other’s way. The heating system in the RV is ducted. Lance is known for manufacturing ducted heating systems.

There are holding tanks which allow the airflow to be directed to particular rooms depending on the need for warmth. Hold tanks in the 4 Season Travel Trailer by Lance allows each room to be heated equally to a comfortable temperature. There is a water heater bypass which can be adapted to work as required in cold weather.

There is lots of storage space in the trailer, easily accessed from the exterior or outside of the RV. There is enough insulation in the Lance RV, so you never have to worry about the cold. The trailer is also available as toy trailers and truck campers, offering ample versatility. The Lance trailer is designed for winter driving, so you never have to worry about not being insulated or cold.

The trailer comes certified to hold up well during cold, bitter weather. Soundproofing features on the Lance are really an added bonus. However, you should know that Lance is not as popular as the Forest River or Jayco. However, the company does specialize in all seasons of RV models. You also get additional storage space in the trailer to store your winter garments. There are portable devices for heating and calefaction in case you want to use them.

6. Heartland Bighorn

Heartland is known to be an RV giant among the various manufacturers. It has established quite a vibrant reputation over the years for producing one of the best trailers. Their campers can last in the toughest of weather conditions, and Bighorn is no exception. It deserves all the hype it gets from the brand value.

The Bighorn boasts of a dozen floorplans. There is literally something for everyone regardless of the budget, requirement, and niche needs. You will realize that the Bighorn will tick all the boxes on your checklist. It has everything you need from a winterized RV, including the right amount of heating options and insulation.

There is a wide variety of size combinations in the trailer, with the largest one at an impressive 14,000 points. This is almost equivalent to a hitch load of 3,000 lbs. The large mass is because the Bighorn is 45 feet in length. The following warming features are present in nearly every single Bighorn regardless of the floor plan you choose:

  • Heat pumping furnace which can offer 42,000 warming btus
  • Inbuilt A/C System with insulation
  • Floor heating ducts for moving warmth equally through the RV
  • Heated underside
  • There is insulation in the build feature and design of the RV, including walls, roofing, floors, and windows
  • Aesthetics with the laminated flooring, fiberglass walls, and tinted windows
  • Patented water lines so that you always enjoy a bathroom while camping
  • The Bighorn offers massive storage space if you are looking for a good night’s sleep. It has a large king-sized bed and a mattress made of memory foam. You also get a nice ambiance with recessed lighting.

The Heartland Bighorn has several exciting features delivering an impressive range of comfort and winter capabilities. You will be left impressed with this mammoth RV and the wide selection of floorplans. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a combination that doesn’t work for you.

7. 327CKTS Eagle by Jayco

The Jayco 327CKTS Eagle is one of the best RVs for cold weather. The newer models include a washer, TV chest, dryer, and a walk-in closet that comes complete with shelves. There is also a 21-cubic foot fridge and a 60″ x80″ queen bed. This fantastic all seasons RV model is from Jayco.

The 327CKTS Eagle (latest models) features a wide range of luxuries and home comforts, including:

  • Walk-In Closet With Shelves
  • 60×80 Queen-Sized Bed
  • Dryer And Washer
  • 19-Foot Outdoor Awning
  • Snug Modern Sofa In The Living Room In The Shape Of An L
  • 21-Cubic Foot Refrigerator
  • Cabinet For Your Television
  • Kitchen Hutch With Two Sinks
  • Fully Fitted Bathroom With A Linen Closet

There are several additional décor packages on offer from Jayco on top of these standard features to make your interiors more inviting and comfortable. These features go a long way in making the RV feel like a home away from home. The features include:

  • Dual paned and tinted frameless safety glass windows
  • Dry Camping Package for adding LP capacity and extra storage
  • Sani-con Turbo Waste Management System
  • 2nd power awning
  • Tank-less Water Heater with a digital thermostat

Jayco offers more packages for interior décor if you want even more features in your 327CKTS Eagle. RV options from Jayco are well known among RV enthusiasts. Their latest models are taking RV living to a whole new level with unheard-of luxurious additions.

In fact, many users find the Eagle so relaxing they don’t want to leave the roads again. However, you may not get all the features mentioned above in budget options. The most significant advantage of this RV is that it is widely recognized and comes with dozens of comfort and heat-insulating features.

This all-season RV is perfect for all kinds of weather and climates. You can use it comfortably for both summer and winter travels. There are several homely comforts in the 327CKTS Eagle, such as the extra recliners, L-shaped sofa, second sink, steps, a 19-foot outdoor awning, and large closet space.

The fully equipped bathroom is nothing to remiss either. You get a shower, toilet, sink, and linen closet. However, as with every other RV, the additional luxuries come at a hefty price. You should be prepared to spend a considerable amount to acquire the latest Eagle.

8. Heartland LM Arlington

The Heartland LM Arlington is another great winterized RV. It comes with the Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package. This is one of the most liked arctic packages by RV enthusiasts. The feature is optional, but it is something you may not want to skip. Your RV will also be in much better shape with the home and away packages. It doesn’t matter how often you take it out on your travels.

These are a few of the features that are part of the standard core package:

  • Bedroom reading lights
  • Power tilt bed
  • Stainless steel oven
  • Lockable safe
  • High rise coffee table
  • Soft tables
  • Backlit tile backsplash
  • 80-amp converter
  • Surge-protected 1,000-watt inverter
  • USB ports
  • Multi-plex lighting system

There is an option to add on fun perks as well, such as Alumni-Guard awnings, 40-inch exterior TV, included dishwasher, slide room awnings, and a bathroom fan. With a hitch weight of 3,100 pounds and a dry weight of 15,170 pounds, the Heartland LM Arlington is not one of the list’s lightest vehicles. The RV has a carrying capacity of 2,780 pounds.

The Heartland LM Arlington has a height of thirteen feet and an eight-foot width. The Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package is one of the best perks of purchasing the Heartland. This package in itself sets the RV apart from other trailers. You will hear about the Yeti package again and again when the four-season RVs come up. The package is undoubtedly one of the best packages in the world for winterized RVs.

But, you should know that the Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package is an add-on. It is not included in the Heartland LM Arlington. You will have to pay additional money for it, making it an expensive investment.

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