How To Keep Your Car Cool During the Summer

How To Keep Your Car Cool During the Summer

How to keep your car cool during the summer? Let’s face it, one of the worst parts of the summer is getting inside your car and melting to the seat. The heat is oppressive and causes you to break out in a sweat instantly. But there’s good news for you, by following a few simple tips and tricks, you can beat summer heat inside your car for good.

Now we focused this article on keeping your car cool when it’s parked, but if you’re having problems cooling your car after it’s running because of a defective air conditioner, click here for some outstanding maintenance tips from our friends at CarCody.

Tips for Keeping Your Parked Car Cool During the Summer

While it might seem like a hassle, the truth is that there are six easy tips you can follow to keep your car cooler during the summer months. We’ve highlighted them here. That way, you can keep your car at a reasonable temperature even during the hottest days.

1. Use a Sunshade

Sunshades do a great job of keeping the inside of your vehicle cool. Choose a sunshade with a reflective surface and blackout as many windows as possible with them. The reflective surface directs the sunlight and the heat away from your vehicle, which makes a huge difference.

While you’ll still get some heat in your vehicle from the metal frame, you’ll notice significant drops if you block out the windows with a sunshade.

2. Cover the Dash and Steering Wheel

Even if you’re using sunshades, cover the dash and steering wheel with a towel or similar object. While you’ll notice even more significant results if you aren’t using a sunshade, the towel will keep both your dash and steering wheel cooler.

Since those are two objects that can radiate heat directly to your face, you’re going to feel far more comfortable if they’re a little bit cooler than the rest of your car.

If you aren’t using a sunshade, you’ll also get the added perk of preventing fading by covering the dash and steering wheel. Over time the sun’s UV rays will break down chemicals in the dash causing the color to fade, by covering it, you’re both cooling your car and preserving it!

3. Park in the Shade

Park in the Shade

It might sound obvious, but if you can park your vehicle in the shade, then you’ll keep everything a bit cooler. Park strategically here. If you’re heading into the office in the morning and know where the shade is when you get off work, park there instead of where the shade is currently.

It doesn’t matter how hot your car gets during the day, it only matters how hot it’s going to be when you get in! Still, if you have a shaded location throughout the day, that will be a better place to park.

Even better is an indoor garage, that way you don’t need to worry about direct sunlight no matter where you park or what time in the day it is!

4. Crack the Windows

Okay, let’s continue how to keep your car cool in the summer. While this is a controversial method because it can open your vehicle up the theft, there’s no doubting that it does a great job at keeping your car cool. We recommend cracking your window no more than an inch, but even then, you’re making it easier for thieves.

If you’re doing this, keep your car parked in a visible area with plenty of foot traffic, and don’t crack your window more than an inch.

5. Use a Solar Powered Fan

If you are cracking your windows, one of the best things you can do is add in a solar-powered fan to keep up a constant airflow. Aim the fan towards one of the open windows to push hot air out and ensure that the fan has access to sunlight to keep it powered.

Typically, these fans only require small amounts of solar power to work, so if you have a sunshade on your front window but not the side windows, you should have enough solar power to use one of these fans.

6. Tint Your Windows

Tint Your Windows

If it’s legal in your state, one of the best things you can do to keep your vehicle cool is tinting the windows. The darker the tint, the more it will keep the light out, which will help keep your vehicle cool.

However, darker tint can be a little more challenging to see through at night, so you’ll need to balance keeping everything cool with the legal requirements and what you need to see. If you do opt for tinted windows, you also get the advantage of not needing to set anything up to reap the rewards!

One Final Attempt to Cool Your Car

This idea might sound a bit odd, but it’s one of the best ways to drop the temperature of your car before you get in. Start by rolling down the passenger side windows. From there, simply open and close the driver’s door quickly.

It might look a little silly, but it pushes the hot air out of your car, and this simple trick can make your car a few degrees cooler before you have to get in! So, while you might look a little odd in the parking lot, you’ll be getting the last laugh when you pull away in a comfortable car instead of scorching heat.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Just because the weather is warming up outside doesn’t mean you need to settle for a scorching hot car. By following these few simple tips and tricks, you can drop the temperature inside your car by a few dozen degrees, saving you a ton of sweat and frustration in the process.

Don’t believe us? Why not try a few of them out and see for yourself the difference it can make?

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