Are Honda Fit Reliable? Review for 2022

Honda Fit

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When you are looking to buy a vehicle, the one with the best package carries the day. As for Honda Fit Reliability, this means safety, fuel economy, and comfort. But there are other small perks you might overlook with this model. Despite the size, it has lots of interior space and excellent handling.

What is New?

There is little change in the trims level from the previous 2019 Honda model. However, the most significant is the Honda sensing suite. It is a safety feature in all-new Honda models that give you innovative safety technology. The Honda sensing suite’s purpose is to assist you in the details you might miss as you drive.

The Honda sensing suite uses sensors to monitor the environment around you and to warn you before any harm gets to you. It is like having an extra pair of reliable eyes looking out for you when you park or change lanes.

The Honda Sensing Suite Package

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

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It is better than the cruise control. Whereas the cruise control operates in only one set speed, the ACC adapts according to your environment. It can lower its acceleration then return to the set speed. You can also set a safe distance within which your car will follow the vehicle ahead.

  • Automatic High Beam Headlights
Automatic High Beam Headlights

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The headlights have sensors to track your environment and interchange from low to high beam whenever necessary. It is not a safety feature for you alone, as it also accommodates other road users.

  • Blind Spot System
Blind Spot System

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It is a safety feature that targets to reduce accident cases. If an object is coming on your blind spot, the sensor will trigger both audio and visual alerts. It is helpful when you are overtaking or want to switch lanes and cannot see the car coming behind you.

  • Forward collision sensor
Forward collision sensor

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If you take your eyes from the road, you can get near or hit the car in front without knowing. The Honda reliability will avoid this by giving you alerts, making you slow down, or apply the brakes. If your reaction time is slow to avert the accident, it will automatically brake, ensuring your safety.

  • Lane-Keeping System
Lane-Keeping System

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It prevents your car from drifting to another lane when you have not put on the indicator. If you stray outside your lane, the steering torque will push your vehicle back to the middle of the road.

The lane-keeping system is the same as the road departure system, which applies when you stray without indicating. The steering automatically returns your car to the road.

  • Traffic sign recognition
Traffic Sign Recognition System

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It is a useful safety feature that notifies drivers of any traffic road sign or speed limit. It uses a front camera that detects road signs and alerts you about them.

  • Collision Braking System

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It is helpful to avoid hitting sudden obstructions on the road. It will automatically brake if you cannot reach the braking pedal in time to stop the car.

Reasons for Buying the Honda Fit Reliability

  • Spacious interior cabin
Spacious interior cabin

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From the outside, the Honda Fit seems like a compact hatchback. It may deceive you into thinking it is not spacious. Once inside, you will note that there is so much headroom at the front. You will also have enough legroom and hip space for all passengers. Thanks to its design, you can configure the seats and create room inside the cabin.

  • Perfect Handling

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It has smooth handling, and you can negotiate the tightest corners without stressing the vehicle. It gives you confidence when you hit the highways as you have stability and speed. You do not need to fret if you change lanes on the road at a significant pace.

For a vehicle of this class, speed and handling is a critical feature that you will enjoy.

  • High Safety Rating
High Safety Rating

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All vehicles of the Honda brand take pride in high safety standards. The Honda Fit is not an exception. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the Honda Fit has five stars in all tests except one. The test was in 2019, and the only four stars in the rollover test.

NTHSA gives the Honda Fit a 14.7 percent risk probability of rolling over. It is for this regard that Honda Fit is among the safest cars.

  • Cargo Space
Cargo Space

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Not many hatchbacks offer lots of cargo space, and most motorists know this fact. However, the Honda Fit has an intelligent design that maximizes every inch of space in the interior cabin. The rear seats can fold to flat, creating a bigger space at the back. The 16.6 cubic feet of space can transform to 52.7 cubic feet in an instant.

Vehicles in this class rarely have such interior space when you need it.

  • Safety and Infotainment Features
Infotainment and Safety

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It comes with an infotainment screen that has excellent graphics and displays. The safety features of the Honda Sensing suite are in all Honda trim levels. The use of sensors and cameras keep a watchful eye on the road as you drive. The best thing is the auto steer and braking in cases where you are slow to respond. The level of safety in the Honda Fit is not typical for most vehicles that belong in this class.

It uses high-end technology integration. It has a smartphone app compatible with both iOS and Android versions.




Fule Economy

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The Honda Fit has an excellent fuel economy, which makes it perfect for modern-day driving. It is why you will save money on fuel as you avoid environmental pollution. Fuel economy has a direct correlation with climate change. As the world progresses towards better fuel efficiency, Honda Fits leads the pack of cars in the same class.

Better fuel economy also leads to an increase in energy sustainability and a reduction of oil dependency.

  • Manual Transmission
Manual Transmission

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The six-speed transmission is smooth, and you will enjoy great power in this small hatchback. The manual transmission, together with a 1.5-liter engine and a four-cylinder engine, gives you efficiency. It also has 130 horsepower and 114lb-ft torque, which is sufficient for a car in this class.

The manual shifter is precise, and you will enjoy a smooth ride.

  • Comfort and Quality
Comfort and Quality

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Most people find the Honda Fit to have a short wheelbase, but it still has excellent comfort when driving. Driving is smooth and effortless. The passengers also enjoy a smooth ride as all the seats are plush and wide. You will not get, and obnoxious feeling that comes with long drives as the seats have lumbar support. All vehicle occupants will have excellent lateral support.

The insulation of its interior cabin is perfect. As such, it remains quiet during drives, offering you a peaceful ride.

  • Child Safety Seat
Child Safety

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In most vehicles, drivers complain of the difficulty in installing the child safety seat. The Honda Fit is reliable and easy to install. Once you locate the latch anchors at the rear seats, you can easily hook and unhook the child safety seat.

The process is simple because of the tall doors and wide space at the rear.


Stable Steering Wheel

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The steering wheel has a natural feel, and you will enjoy the smoothness of turns. You have precision at all speeds, and you get a high amount of road feel with a slight turn.

The Downside of Honda Fit Reliability

Like other vehicles, the Honda Fit also comes with its fair share of disadvantages. They are not many or grave, but if you know about them, you will know they are missing.

  • Does not have an integrated Navigation 
Integrated Navigation

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Models that have the six-speed transmission do not have integrated navigation. Other models that have the CVT all have integrated navigation. An integrated navigation system helps you with a smooth transmission and shift in speeds.

  • Acceleration is sub-par 
Acceleration is Sub Par

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Hatchbacks that belong in this vehicle class are not known to be speedy. It falls behind if you compare the Honda Fit with other cars of the same category. On the highway, you can get the car to do 0-60mph in 8.8 seconds. While this is impressive while driving around the city, it feels sluggish on the highway.

If you like speed and faster acceleration, the Honda Fit will disappoint you.

  • Head Space for the rear seat
Honda Fit Rear Seat Head rest

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Taller people and adults will not be comfortable seating at the rear seats. The headroom is not enough making it uncomfortable for long drives. It is not a problem for children; they can always sit at the back and let adults sit at the front.

  • Soft Braking Pedal
Soft Break Pedal

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People who drive vehicles with firm brake pedals feel the Honda Fit is too soft. There is no problem with its braking capabilities. If you drive it for a long time, you will get used to it. As you drive in the city, you will come to a smooth stop all the time.


The greatest perks of the Honda Fit are reliability, safety, and fuel economy. You will enjoy this compact hatchback because of the spacious interior cabin and safety features.

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