Cheapest Place to Turn Rotors: These 5 are the Best

 Cheapest Place to Turn My Rotors

Your brake rotors get depleted each time you press on them. Eventually, they will wear out.

As a driver, when the time comes for you to change your brake rotors, you will know. You will have two options. You can either replace the rotors or add more life by turning them.

Below are suggestions for the cheapest place to turn rotors.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Not many auto shops offer this service anymore. Besides finding the big machine to do, it is not worth the effort. Over the years, the costs of rotors have been declining. To replace your rotors is affordable, which makes no sense to turn your rotors.

It is the cheapest place to find rotor turning services. Although not all its branches offer rotor turning, they will be sure to help you with these matters.

LaCava Brothers Auto Supply

LaCava Brothers Auto Supply

The good news is that they give free rotor turning when you purchase brake pads from them. They start by measuring the thickness of your worn-out rotors and advise on whether they can be resurfaced or not.

Most auto services shy away from resurfacing rotors. The primary reason is customer satisfaction. Most customers want to avoid going back to repair or replace the same thing after a few months.

Between the two auto shops, the second one has a good offer because resurfacing is free. The costs are inclusive in buying the brake pads.

What is the Rotor Turning?


Rotor turning is no longer conventional, but it involves cleaning them by way of resurfacing. The process starts by removing the rotors and measuring their thickness using a calliper. There is a standard thickness designated by manufacturers, and you should adhere to it.

The callipers help determine how many layers will be removed and not be a danger to the driver. If the rotor measurements are safe to turn, the process begins by mounting the rotor into the lathe.

Once secured, a tip runs across the surface, removing warps and restoring the plate into the basic shape and size. Once you finish, you can also run the machine on the outer edges of the disc to remove lips and cracks.

Rotor turning is cheap but makes the rotors thin.

Turning Rotors/Resurfacing Rotors

Turning your rotor is also referred to as resurfacing. Resurfacing also means turning, machining, and cutting.

The reason people resurface rotors is when they:

  • Wear out unevenly
  • Get damage from worn-out brake pads
  • Get warped from heat each time you brake
  • Corrosion and rust

Resurfacing works by removing metal until the surface becomes smooth. It helps to:

  • Remove issues related to pitting
  • Allow each brake pad come in contact with rotors for better friction needed to stop the car.
  • Minimize or eliminate the noise each time you apply the brakes.

Sometimes it is not necessary to replace or resurface rotors if they are still smooth. Replacing the brake pads will be enough.

Replacing Your Rotors

The economics of replacing rotors makes more sense. When rotors are not resurfaced well, the driver will feel it the moment they hit the brakes.

And worse still it may be making noises when you brake. Customers are not looking for a comeback, as this makes them unhappy.

The quality of a replaced rotor is above a resurfaced rotor. However, the quality of the new rotors has dwindled as well. What this means is that it is easy to buy new rotors when they get worn out because their condition was poor, to begin with.

The availability of rotors from offshore shops at low prices makes it a better option than looking for shops that offer to resurface.

Cost of Resurfacing Vs. Replacement

When it comes to safety, the price should be overlooked. Whereas resurfacing is cheaper, it is also riskier.

Brake rotors should outlive brake pads. New rotors are thick, and this gives brake pads some room to come to a stop faster without making noises.

Replacements are a bit costly. Over time they will be cheaper because you will not go back for brake-related issues.

Tips for Replacing Rotors

New rotors come ready for installation. Do not clean their surface on the machine. It will reduce their lifespan drastically and reduce their thickness. The quality of replacements varies from different rotor models.

To get maximum results from replacements, consider replacing the same or better than the old ones. It guarantees the long-life service of your rotors.


Resurfacing and replacement of rotors are both effective ways of maintaining your brake system. However, people are moving away from resurfacing as the process is hectic and saves on little costs only. It is indisputable that replacements are the better option.

Always practice preventative maintenance of your brake system to prevent severe damages or risk to life.

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