How to Clean Inside of Windshield (Step-by-Step)

How to Clean Inside of Windshield

Having a clean exterior and interior windshield will contribute to your safe driving while on the road. It is for your safety. A clean windshield means you have proper visibility. You need excellent visibility, especially if you are fond of driving at night.

The exterior of your window gets cleaned regularly each time you visit the car wash. It is not enough. Over time the interior of your windshield also collects film and substances that will hinder your sight of the road.

What makes the inside of the windshield dirty?

picture of dirty inside windshield

Glass surfaces get dirty fast. Inside your car, there are so many activities that make substances stick to the interior of your windshield. Some of the common causes include


Most drivers enjoy smoking in their cars. The smoke from the cigarettes and other substances will stick to your windshield. Smoking regularly inside your car lowers the visibility of your windshield. If you do not smoke cigarettes, you can still have smoke from your engine, finding its way inside the vehicle. The effect is similar to smoke coming from a burning cigarette.

Despite smoke impairing your visibility, it also leaves your car smelling bad.

Dirt and dust

It is almost impossible to prevent dust and dirt from getting into your car. They will always find their way. Eventually, they settle on different surfaces of your vehicle, including the interior windshield. Cumulated dust will hinder your vision.

You can easily spot dust on your windshield. You should clean it off immediately. Dust particles may also affect the smooth finish of your windshield. When cleaning, use a soft piece of cloth. It prevents unnecessary scratches.

Greasy off-gassing

It is probably the reason your windshield keeps getting dirty. Most people are not familiar with the term “greasy off-gassing.” It means impurities from your dashboard.

Your dashboard is probably plastic. The plastic contains many oils and chemicals that face exposure to sunlight on several occasions. Over time, sunlight heats your dashboard, and at high temperatures, the plastic will breakdown.

It will expose your windshield to impurities and harmful chemical and oil substances coming from your dashboard. These oils and chemicals are barely visible. If you clean them with only water, they will not get off.


People with children know that children like making art on glass. Prints are a common reason for dirty windshields. If your child’s hand is dirty and they draw on the windscreen, then the glass picks the dirt. This dirt can easily obstruct your view of the road regardless of the time of day or night.

Other factors

Driving means you get to go to many places with different atmospheric composure. What this means is that it is difficult to pinpoint precisely what makes your interior windshield dirty. Once you roll your car windows down while moving, this becomes an open invitation to foreign substances.

DIY method of cleaning your windshield’s interior

cleaning inside of windshield

Cleaning your windshield is a simple process and can be done following three simple steps. To get better results, you can start by cleaning the exterior surface.

You will need the following cleaning tools and agents

  • Two or more clean and dry microfiber cloths. They should be lint-free.
  • A glass cleaner
  • Water
  • Magic eraser
  • Anti-fog cleaner spray

1. Wiping away the dirt

Using one of the clean microfiber towels, wipe the windshield clean. You can start from the passenger side towards the driver’s side. It is difficult to clean all the tight spots. Especially the ends where your dashboard meets the windshield.

To clean these spots, sit with your back facing the dashboard. With your backhand, wipe the tight spots using a circular motion at first then finish with a vertical movement. Up and down.

2. Degrease

After the initial cleaning, it is time to remove stubborn stains and grease. The best tool is a magic cleaner. It is a type of kitchen scrubber that breaks down oil and grease from surfaces. It is relatively simple. Just dip the scrubber in water and wring it a little. Not too dry.

Again, wipe the glass surface using a circular motion. Then follow the process with a vertical movement. Be careful not to drop any liquid on the dashboard. If by accident you do, wipe it off immediately. If the liquid sits on the dashboard for too long, it will decolorize.

After you finish wiping with a wet scrubber, dry the windscreen immediately using a dry towel. Avoid cleaning your windshield on the sun. A cool place is better so that the liquid does not dry fast before you wipe it off.

3. Use a glass cleaner

Before applying the glass cleaner, ensure that the windshield is completely dry. Use a dry towel. Spray the glass cleaner on the dry microfiber cloth. The repeat the process as above. First, with a circular motion followed by a vertical cleaning motion.

If you do not have a magic eraser, you can substitute it with rubbing alcohol.

How often should you clean your windshield?

inside of a car

It will depend on how you use your car. If you take snacks inside or drive with your windows open, then regular cleaning is a must.

However, there is no time limit. It is a matter of principle and choice. Once a month, if you have a busy schedule should be enough. However, you should ensure you clean it regularly for better visibility.


Always clean the windshield last. Start with the body, then the interior of your car, and finish with the windshield. To keep your windshield clean, always keep your car fresh by parking in places with shade when possible.

You can also leave your car windows a little open to give room for gases to escape. This action reduces the possibility of off-gassing forming soon. However, this is not possible when it is raining. It is also good practice to drive with your windows up. It also prevents dust from outside, getting in the car.

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